ADP Ingénierie participates in the project of New Manila International Airport (NMIA)

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In 2018, in order to overcome the saturation of the existing airport, the Philippine authorities initiated a procedure for the awarding of a concession contract including the financing, construction and operation of the New Manila International Airport (NMIA) .

Located in Bulacan, west of Manila Bay, this airport will have an initial target capacity of 50 Mpax, with an ultimate capacity of 100 Mpax. It will have 2 runways at the opening and 4 in the final phase.

The mission of ADP Ingénierie, a partner of the Meinhardt company, which has been entrusted with the design of this airport, is to carry out: the Airport Planning studies (Capacity requirements, the passenger terminal program) the master plan and the design of the passenger terminal in the areas of architecture and systems (BHS), ASE, ICT. Other disciplines related to the terminal will be carried out by Meinhardt.

The studies are expected to resume shortly, interrupted at the beginning of the year by the procedure swiss challenge launched by the Philippine authorities which confirmed the appointment of the San Miguel Corporation as a concessionaire. Teams will focus on updating the program and the master plan, before restarting the design studies of the terminal, scheduled for 15 months.

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