ADP Ingénierie explains how to make the development of an airport less complex

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On the second day of Inter airport Europe 2019 in Munich, sponsored by ADP Ingénierie, Alberto Bordallo-Ruiz and Philippe Delaplace intervened as speakers first thing this morning in front of an enthusiastic audience.

The theme of the conference was "Lesser complexity in the development of your airport". The purpose of this presentation was to inform the audience about existing technologies and methods that simplify the design of airport development projects for airport operators. The focus was on emphasizing the importance of prevention and anticipation, as soon as the design phase of infrastructure or systems.

This anticipation is even more possible today as technologies bring together and process the available data and provide decision support, essential in the process of simplification.

It is our role, as a consultant, to provide solutions that facilitate the everyday life of all players at the airport. But also to provide a vision of what will be this management, tomorrow. It is the experience of our teams of experts, our DNA as operators and our hundreds of international projects that allow us to have a solid understanding of what will be the airport of tomorrow.

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