ADP Ingénierie designs the new control tower of Port-au-Prince airport

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In February 2020, ADP Ingénierie won the Project Management Assistance (AMO) contract for the design, construction and equipment of a new control tower and a new air traffic management complex in Toussaint Louverture International Airport (AITL), located in the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince (PaP).

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The main actors of this project are:


The Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communication:

  • Client of the service contract for the execution of the service defined in our contract


The Inter-American Development Bank:

  • Donor who finances the design and construction of the works covered by our contract as well as the supply of equipment


The National Office of Civil Aviation:

  • National Civil Aviation Authority and supplier of Air Navigation Services. End user and operator of the works and equipment covered by our contract



We are carrying out this project with a local partner: Génie Conseil SA (GCL)

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The project will last 32 months (end scheduled for December 2022).


This project will be developed in BIM standards (LOD 300).

This new project in Haiti is part of a long-term partnership with the airport authorities of this country.


Our teams already worked with the Haitian authorities and for the airport in 2018. During this period, ADP Ingénierie was in charge of updating the master plan and of the site selection. We then took care of the design studies for the new control tower (including the ACC) in order to allow the call for tenders for the construction of the buildings and the supply of CNS / ATM equipment. Particular attention was paid to the necessary anti-seismic structure. ADP Ingénierie carried out all the architectural and technical studies of the building, but also the CNS / ATM equipment needs, so that OFNAC could launch the call for tenders related to the construction of the building and the supply of equipment.


Before that, in 2017, ADP Ingénierie carried out for the Haitian State and for a duration of 10 months, the supervision of the site of rehabilitation and the widening of the airport runway.

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