ADP Ingénierie designs the Bravo aprons expansion of the international airport of Strasbourg-Entzheim

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ADP Ingénierie was entrusted with the design of the extension of the secondary aircraft parking lot - called Bravo - at Strasbourg-Entzheim international airport, in partnership with BEREST design office located in Alsace.

The project to extend this secondary aircraft parking area is part of a program which consists of creating an additional parking area of 50,000m2, moving the airport's honor pavilion and creating two maintenance and aircraft storage buildings.

ADP Ingénierie is also in charge of the design of the city-side access road and the rehabilitation of an existing taxiway. Entrusted in December 2019, this mission runs until September 2021, the month scheduled for the commissioning of these new infrastructures.

ADP Ingénierie works in partnership with the Alsatian design office BEREST, which we know well.

This is not the first time that ADP Ingénierie has worked for the benefit of Strasbourg-Entzheim International Airport. From 2013 to 2018, our company was entrusted with the design of the reinforcement of parking areas and site supervision, as part of a rehabilitation / reinforcement program for the flexible parts of these aircraft areas.

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