A1 – Manager Familiarization 

Familiarizing project managers and managers on the particular aspects of project management using BIM.

Target audience

Project Managers, Architects, Interior Designers

(Call to action) A1-Revit_Sensibilisation_manager_conduite_projet_BIM.pdf


A2 – Revit for Consulting and Data Mining

ing trainees to use information from BIM 
Retrieving BOMs and quantities in Excel 
Synchronizing information from Excel to REVIT
Mastering the virtual visualization of a 3D model from REVIT in DESIGN REVIEW
Creating analytical cross sections in DESIGN REVIEW
Creating annotations, measurements and surface area information on DWF documents from REVIT

Target audience

Project Managers, Architects, Interior Designers, Specifiers, etc

(Call to action) A2-Revit_Consultation_exploitation des données_Design Review.pdf


A3 – BIM and Project Management

Training project managers and discipline leaders to understand the BIM process required to achieve the objectives stated in the BIM specifications or the BIM Execution Plan of a project.

Target audience

Project Managers, Business Managers, Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Specifiers.

(Call to action) A3-Bim_et_Management_projet.pdf

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