Our methodology

Our methodology

ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) has adopted an approach based on a proven methodology with the objective of creating value for our partners and ensuring the success of the project entrusted to us. This methodology is divided into 4 phases:






Research. Collaborate.  

When a partner calls on ADP Ingénierie, it is to solve the most complex challenges. Our 400 or so experts, within multicultural teams, will achieve this by combining all the resources at their disposal with working in the field. During this phase, we will foster partnerships with local experts in order to best respond to the issues faced by all stakeholders. 


Develop. Improve. Repeat. 

At this stage of the project, we will seek out recognized solutions while always striving to be innovative. Innovation is a key component of ADP Ingénierie's DNA. We will of course capitalize on tried and tested solutions: 
almost 750 references, not to mention the many skills available within the ADP Group, which can be called upon as needed. Whatever your problem, we have the solution. 

Our goal is to meet the needs you have today by considering the challenges you’ll be facing tomorrow. We will therefore strive to propose designs that exceed your expectations because we see this as our mission. From the outset of the design phase, we show how the solutions evolve over time and in their entirety, in functional, operational, maintenance and budgetary terms. 


(Co)Design. Refine. Do.  

Rethinking the airport is our daily business. To ensure the maximum benefit for our partners beyond our proposed solutions, we can support you until your project is fully implemented. We believe that the best way to bring our proposals to life is to involve you in our design work. For us, having the client involved on a daily basis in the project design is a guarantee of efficiency and success. 

The digital tools that we use (3D, virtual reality, BIM and simulation software) involve you daily in the design process from the very beginning of our work. Deploying all or part of the team dedicated to your project to work at your side promotes this approach, as well as making it easier to work with the local partner if there is one. This 360-degree service solution is part of our aim to be your long-term partner, throughout the life cycle of your airport, to help you define your needs, design solutions that meet them, support their implementation and then optimize how they operate. 


Support the change.  

In accordance with the task entrusted to us, we make sure that we support all stakeholders to guarantee the success of your project. At each stage, this approach takes into consideration the security and regulatory issues related to the sustainable operation of an airport and incorporates best practices in terms of environmental protection.  

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