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Satisfying the needs of today and designing the airport of tomorrow require the pursuit of ever more innovative solutions that anticipate future needs. This is why ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) and the ADP Group are committed to innovation on a daily basis. More than a competitive advantage, our primary aim is to provide you with the finest, best suited solutions that are way ahead of their time, to guarantee the quality of our service throughout the airport value chain. We put in place a dedicated team and a strategy to identify, prepare for and adopt the latest innovations related to our core business.


We work to create partnerships with start-ups (Safety Line "Big data applied to aviation", Innov'ATM "The ATM software solution", Flying Whales "Connecting the land-locked world to the global economy") whose skills are complementary to ours. It is this synergy that we first look for in these partnerships. It helps us to innovate and transform but more importantly allows start-ups to develop more quickly. 


We analyze everything that contributes to a positive passenger experience and identify the key players involved. This allows ADP Ingénierie to position itself as an "integrator", but also as an “influencer". We adapt our range of services accordingly to meet the specific needs of each of the airport's key players.


Continue to develop new service offerings and rethink existing services to meet your needs as closely as possible.


Today's technologies already allow us to offer you a new experience for your project, right from the design phase. But they also enable us to provide you with the tools to support the day-to-day management of your infrastructure. We also maintain a technology watch for the latest, most innovative solutions that can transform the airport experience.


Innovation also depends on our teams. Having the best talent and retaining our employees allows us to provide you with the right skills and prepare for the future. In this way, we can always deliver the best solutions for your projects, today and tomorrow. 

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