Flow simulation service (STREAM)

Make sure your investment is worth it every time by testing it with a simulation



Know your airport's flows (passenger, aircraft, vehicle and baggage flow) to better master the operations of your infrastructure and obtain a tangible business impact and an increased customer satisfaction. 

In an increasingly competitive environment, we provide you all the data and the key performance indicators to make the right investment decisions and enable genuine cost control.  

Turn your airport into a better and more efficient structure and reach the full potential of your operations with a tailor-made simulation offer, from a one-flow to a multi-flow model whatever the size of your platform

Client's need

Our exclusive simulation will help you with all your challenges:

 - Securing your investments

- Making the right decisions

- testing different scenarios to adapt, handle or resolve crisis you may encounter


Stream makes simulations on the different phases of  airport life

1. Strategic Planning

Plan airport requirements over the long term and visualize future implementations.

2. Design Review

Check that the planed design is effective and meets specified expectations.

3. Operations

Answer "What if." questions: assess impacts of problems and test solutions to reduce them.


We provide you with the right and innovative technologies to reach better operational results in no time


What distinguishes our offering?

The high value of our solution is combined with our renowned experience in consultancy, master plans, design and operations, and  the experience of all our airport experts. 

This specialized expertise is evident in the unrivalled rigour and relevance of our simulation solutions. 

We also have established an exclusive partnership with Safety Line whose data science tool provides aircraft flow advanced analytics for an even sharper simulation. 

To learn more about Flow simulation service (STREAM), download our brochure.

Livre blanc
  • Expertise used

  • Infrastructures / Architects
  • Simulation +
  • Air traffic Control
  • Airport Operations
  • Master Plan designer
  • Passenger Terminal Building Consulting


Define the objectives

scope + KPIs

Collect the data

drawings + flights schedule + Operations rules + statistics data

Build the Model

design + code + Verify + calibrate

Use the Model

scenario assessment + decision

Which step within airport lifecycle ?

All along the airport life cycle:  

  •  Strategic Planning 
  •  Design 
  •  Operations 
cycle de vie


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