Our expertise

We are 360-degree airport experts 

We can provide solutions to any problem you may encounter throughout the life cycle of your airport. We have the expertise you need in Strategic Planning, Design, Supervision and Project Management. 

Whatever the category in question, we are always available to support you in your hub airport design, expansion, renovation and compliance projects, as well as to advise you at any time on any airport subject.  

Each area of expertise is based on our vision of the airport of tomorrow. 



Our expertise supports the services we offer

In order to provide you with solutions customized specifically to your challenges, we offer you services that combine each area of expertise. We use these services to provide you with the optimal solution to meet your request. 

We also offer you each of our areas of expertise individually.

Our experts are seasoned operational staff 

Through their experience, the wealth of projects completed worldwide (now exceeding 750) and the strength of our ongoing relationship with the ADP Group (one of the top 10 airport operators in the world), our experts benefit from an operational vision of airports that is unique in the world. They focus on optimizing the value of your airport facilities. 

In addition to a response customized to each need, designed to satisfy all clients as mentioned in the introduction, our experts provide: 

  • Perfect control of investment costs 
  • Maximized profitability: lower operating costs, increased revenue 
  • Delay reduction – at the core of our project management 
  • A guaranteed positive image and the highest standards of comfort and quality 
  • Integration of environmental, safety and security best practices 
  • A guarantee of independence and objectivity in our recommendations 


  • Holistic Master Planning (small, medium, large scale airports)
  • Airport facilities program
  • Site Selection
  • Greenfield: Feasibility Studies
  • Functional Planning of Terminal Buildings
  • Technical Due Dilligence
  • Landside & Urban Planning
  • Logistics Studies
  • Cargo Planning
  • Security Master Planning
  • Airport Financial Engineering
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Traffic Forecasts
  • Airline Route Development
  • Airport Systems Design
  • Environmental Strategy 
  • Noise Impact Assessment
  • Waste Management Plan
  • BHS Process Optimization
  • BHS Simulation
  • BHS Hypervision
  • Airport Security Optimization
  • CNS / ATM
  • ICT Systems Audit
  • ICT Flexibilty
  • "Airport Information Systems"
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • Airport Operations Center
  • Staff training
  • POST-DESIGN Processes & documentation update
  • Multiflow Simulations 
  • Simulation Consulting
  • Safety Risk Assessment (SRA)
  • Assistance with ICAO & EASA certification 
  • Safety Management System (SMS) implementation & maintenance 
  • SMS Audits & Internal Controls 
  • Maintenance & investment programming



logo design
  • Design review
  • Design of passenger terminal buildings,  ATC towers and associated facilities
  • Interior design
  • Signage
  • APM
  • Virtual reality / 3D video, rendering



gestion de projet
  • Maintenance engineering
  • Holistic Master Planning (small, medium, large scale airports), 
  • Commercial Retail Strategy and Design
  • Traffic Forecasts,
  • Airline Route Development
  • Airport Systems Design
  • Environmental Strategy 
  • Noise Impact Assessment, 
  • Waste Management Plan.
  • Airside infrastructure design
  • BIM management



  • Pre-design ou Concept design
  • Tender document preparation
  • Project management
  • Operations Process Review
  • Operational support
  • Construction supervision
  • Audit
  • Construction scheduling
  • Pavement Condition Survey
  • CNS / ATM
  • Commissioning


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