Advanced Strategic Airport Planning


We help airport decision-makers define a realistic and efficient strategic plan to best prepare for the future of their airport. 

Client's need

We intervene on different types of needs: strategic, technical, financial, environmental and health.

We help you acquire the 360° vision necessary to make the strategic decisions that will serve the ambitions of your airport. Thanks to our team of experts, Groupe ADP’s experience as a designer, operator and investor, and the use of the latest tools on the market, we provide you with studies and advice to help you make the choices best suited to your situation.

Throughout the life cycle of your airport, discover how to optimize your resources through planning, an indispensable tool for reasoned and strategic decisions.


Expertise used

  • Strategy consulting
  • Airport planning
  • Traffic forecast
  • Finance engineering
  • Sustainability
  • Airport operations


Methodology: Holistic Master Plan

1. Collect data on the overall current situation and assess capacity

2. Define the development strategy and carry out the traffic details (annual and planned flights for targeted destinations)

3. Define facility requirements that include:

  • Detailed runway system capability (including taxiway positioning)
  • Sizing of passenger terminals and functional plans
  • Aircraft parking
  • Detailed Cargo Facilities
  • Other facilities

4. Propose alternatives to airport development including:

  • Pre-defined facility requirements
  • The right positioning for the installations according to their functionality
  • A green strategy
  • Landside development including multimodal access and urban planning
  • Security strategy

5.  Compare the alternatives to choose the one to be developed based on the following criteria:

  • CAPEX and OPEX estimates
  • Attractiveness for passengers, cargo and airlines

6.  Implement the chosen development to provide realistic investment plans in line with traffic trends.

7. A detailed CAPEX and OPEX estimate

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