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Qatar Airways maintenance center

QATAR Doha - Hangar Maintenance

THE BACKGROUNDQatari authorities have decided to build a new airport in the immediate vicinity of the existing facility in order to compensate for increased traffic that has saturated the existing airport. ADPI working for Bechtel is in charge of conducting the preliminary studies for all the buildings (except for the terminal) as well as the detailed studies of the Emir's pavilion.


The future Qatar Airways maintenance centre consists of three main assemblies: two maintenance buildings and a logistical support building featuring all workshops, offices and plant rooms at the back. The centre will be able to simultaneously accommodate all types of aircraft for all maintenance requirements.

SERVICES PROVIDEDThe plant's various volumes are derived from structural and operational requirements: high overhead volumes for the buildings to accommodate aircraft, and lower volumes for the logistics building. The facade materials selected are based on the experience acquired by ADPI architects from extensive hangar projects in Toulouse, Dubai and Seville. The large trestles will be covered in translucent polycarbonate, installed vertically in an "accordion" arrangement in order to capture the color of the sky while allowing the structures to be perceived behind them.