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Projects that are respectful of the environment

As part of the competition for the airport complex of Hongqiao, iina, ADPI teams reflected on the organization of the complex urban fabric that is a feature of this area.

airport complex of Hongqiao

Near the center and gradually enclosed within the city, Hongqiao is the second largest airport in the Shanghai metropolis and its traffic will continue to rise. Three issues needed to be considered by the architects, urbanists and engineers in charge of the project: generating new economic activity, fitting in between the existing terminal and urban fabric and optimizing resource  management  to preserve the environment.
ADPI's proposal to preserve the environment is based on an innovative approach for the optimization of the existing site, using several  tactics:

  • Design of a dense and compact project
  • Pooling the requirements of the airport  and those of the airport city, which  benefits from the metro station, the bus station and the existing access roads towards the terminal
  • A tree-lined pedestrian way through the site
  • Pooling energy demand (unevenly allotted in time): a distribution system smooths the demand
  • Production of renewable energy by every available system (solar panels, geothermal heat)
  • Recycling of wastewater and rainwater for the entire site
  • Waste management, with the installation of a selective pneumatic collection system and an organic waste processing system.