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Airport profitability

From the initial selection of a site to the redevelopment or optimization of specific areas of the passenger terminal, airport operators are constantly faced with investment decisions. In an economic environment that is increasingly competitive, these choices must incorporate precise objectives in terms of profitability that guarantee the longevity of the infrastructure and its operational use.

Rentabilité aéroportuaire - Courbe CA pax ADP

Dans un contexte économique toujours plus concurrentiel, ces choix doivent intégrer des objectifs de rentabilité précis, garants de la pérennité des infrastructures et de leur exploitation.

By developing custom strategies designed in accordance with real needs, by putting forward operational projects based on reliable economic and strategic analyses and proven solutions and by effectively exploiting the potential of each airport, ADPI contributes to the long-term profitability of its clients' investments.

Its value-creating approach allows ADPI to ensure the long-term appeal and competitiveness of the projects that it conducts and thereby preserves the capacity of its clients to develop.

Highly experienced in the area of baggage handling, ADPI teams design systems for all types of projects (new terminals, renovation), that make it possible for each airport to:

  • Comply with the latest statutory regulations of the European Union
  • Make the most of the latest innovations in the area of baggage management
  • Improve the security, safety and comfort of passengers as well as the quality of service
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce transit times