1. A leader in airport design

Airport investment strategy

ADPI's savoir faire is based on the most comprehensive and sophisticated operational, technological and regulatory international benchmarks, whatever the areas of airport expertise concerned.

Investissement - Aeroport Dubai

Based on an awareness of the issues and an analysis of the local context, the strategies implemented by ADPI are used to plan the investments of its clients and reconcile the financial and operational performances over the short term as well as the long term.

A systematic "value engineering" analysis (optimization of the balance between costs and performance) leads to a search for improved performance:

the optimal dimensioning and project functionality, preservation of needs for future development, construction phasing, construction execution planning,  control and supervision of project modifications.

In the case of projects that are carried out during operational use, ADPI ensures total management of the impact of construction on airport operations.

ADPI is guiding Dubai Airport in its expansion

ADPI conducted comprehensive value engineering studies for Terminal 3, Concourse A at Dubai International Airport in order to identify cost savings.

The conventional copper CAT6 network was therefore replaced with an all-fiber network. This innovative solution makes it possible to reduce from 160 planned technical rooms to only 14 with 17 kilometers of fiber providing a network with better performance.