1. A leader in airport design

Proven methods

As a subsidiary of the Aéroports de Paris group, ADPI benefits from a unique operational vision: that of its parent company.

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With over 88.8 million passengers welcomed in 2012, Aéroports de Paris is the second largest operator in the European airport sector. Designed in accordance with this reality and the everyday routine that accompanies it, the solutions put forward by ADPI are first tested within the Group before being exported. Thanks to this differentiating and specific characteristic, each one of its proposals is relevant and of the highest standard.

Ceaselessly faced with the new problems encountered in the field, its methods take into consideration the security and regulatory issues relatied to the sustainable operation of an airport and incorporate best practices in terms of innovation and respect for the environment.

ADPI's solutions, which are reliable, realistic and optimized in both financial ant technical terms, serve as a true pledge of excellence, competitiveness and attractiveness for airports.

  • At Karbala (Middle Euphrates International Airport), the perfect stewardship of a "greenfield" project by ADPI teams
  • At Doha, the VVIP terminal of the new airport was designed by ADPI teams which had already participated in designing several VIP terminals around the world
  • In Egypt, the new 4,000m runway of the international airport of Cairo can accommodate any type of aircraft, including the A380. This project was developed at the same time as the new control tower and taxiways and coordinated by the experienced teams of ADPI...