1. A leader in airport design

Acknowledged creativity

With over 100 projects currently being conducted at the same time in different countries, ADPI demonstrates its capacity to adjust its services to suit each client profile and take on the challenges entrusted to it.

Une créativite reconnue

The well-managed creativity demonstrated by its teams is reflected in bold proposals that convey a strong image of quality, where innovation and aesthetic appeal play an important part.

Its major projects, which are creative, respectful of the best environmental standards and which incorporate the latest technological advances, display iconic designs that contribute to its international reputation.

  • At Abu Dhabi (UAE), the new control tower designed by ADPI combines creativity and pragmatism
  • At Dubai, the T3/CA/CB, one of the largest buildings in the world, designed by ADPI with a particularly innovative underground terminal, is the result of a unique vision, that optimizes the operations and dimensioning of projects