1. A leader in airport design


As part of its responsibility to ensure the quality of construction and the final image of the project, the supervisory tasks form part of ADPI's comprehensive and integrated range of services.

Supervision Chantier

ADPI’s project management teams are present at each step of the project in order to provide an overview and a point of contact with the client in the event of alterations.

In addition to infrastructure design, ADPI teams also accompany their clients in implementing special systems designed for optimizing all airport processes, whether it is the information systems, resource management, flow management or security control facilities for passengers and their baggage. Close attention is paid to these complex systems, from the approval of the construction documents to the handover of the systems and their operational start-up.

Similarly, ADPI teams are in a position to respond to all the operational or technical issues relating to CNS/ATM developments. They are therefore in a position to supervise the implementation of the communication, navigation and monitoring systems as well as their operational use in order to ensure the efficiency and safety of all the air navigation systems of their clients.