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Project management

Project management provides a truly customized assistance to the client, ensuring that a project fulfils the needs of the end users and that it is run correctly and smoothly.

Gestion de projet 07 - Oman

This specific approach allows ADPI to represent the client at every stage of the project,validate all needs on their behalf, ensure the technical-administrative coordination of the construction and manage the transition for the operational start-up.

This assistance, which is complete enough to manage and plan every dimension of a project (financial, contractual, qualitative) and each one of its steps (design, construction, change orders, reporting...), is based on a personalized approach that makes it possible to retain a certain amount of flexibility in the way it is managed.

This skill, which was initially developed to meet the needs of Aéroports de Paris to ensure the project management of its airport buildings, equipment and infrastructure, was exported for the first time internationally in 2006, for the Sultanate of Oman.  As part of its ambitious Vision 2020 project for the development of tourism, the government of Oman had effectively planned and made large-scale investments in infrastructure, particularly for airports. After the development of the international airports of Muscat and that of Salalah, the supervision of four regional airports was also entrusted to ADPI. 


ADPI’s thorough understanding of airport problems as well as the relationship of trust that it maintains with its clients allows the firm to understand precisely the issues with which they are faced.

In consequence ADPI is able to defend the interests of its clients completely by bringing a vision to the table that is different than the major project management firms: that of its parent company.

ADPI's role as Project Manager

ADPI's services involve assisting the Client on various subjects linked to the project and to add value to each one of these subjects, particularly the following:

  • Participation in the design review;
  • Participation in managing the completion of the work;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the consultants;
  • Monitoring the planning and the budget of the project;
  • Monitoring the contractual management;
  • Participation in the certification review of the airports.