1. A leader in airport design

A consultancy assignment suited to each need, dedicated to the satisfaction of each client

Regardless of the size of the project, ADPI's teams of engineers and architects make use of their own skills and tools to study the data and determine the features of its specific context.

Aéroports de Paris Charles de Gaulle - Satellite 4

Based on project focus, this audit and analysis assignment is enriched by the comparison of the experience acquired thanks to the business activities of Aéroports de Paris and international benchmarks, thereby ensuring the recommended level of strategic and economic reliability.

Based on a comprehensive examination of airport requirements, the multi-criteria studies carried out by ADPI, which incorporate traffic forecasts among other things, allow it to define the short, medium and long term strategy that responds to the situation on the ground.

ADPI then assists each client in translating this strategy into a plan by offering it an overall perspective with which to control its investment costs and optimize its profitability (reduction in operational costs, increase in revenues).