1. A leader in airport design


ADPI infrastructure engineers design and implement a diverse range of projects in new construction, expansion or rehabilitation: runways, access routes, ground markings, parking areas (aircraft and vehicles), viaducts, water treatment systems, noise exposure maps, etc.

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ADPI's expertise in infrastructure engineering design and construction includes:

  •     Airside and landside infrastructure
  •     Roads and civil engineering works
  •     Airfield lighting and signage
  •     Air navigation equipment

To this end, they carry out work on infrastructure that is central to the workings of an airport: roadways, airfield lighting, taxiways, management of the interfaces with civil works, deicing…

Thanks to their proven technical expertise, ADPI engineers are in a position to guarantee the longevity of infrastructure as well as strict compliance with applicable regulations. Integrating green and innovative concepts, the projects that they manage ensure the competitiveness of their clients’ airports.

  •  ADPI teams strive to find solutions that enhance the security, flexibility and performance of an airport
  •  ADPI design always represents the best possible ratio of cost, effectiveness and respect for the environment. *
  •  Thanks to the experience of Aéroports de Paris, ADPI teams are expert in maintaining airport operations during the construction phase.



Airside infrastructure

  • Airfield design (runways, taxiways, aprons)
  • Pavement design
  • Geotechnical earthworks
  • Storm water treatment
  • Airfield lighting and signage
  • Ground markings
  • Lighting
  • Utility network coordination
  • Management of interface with engineering structures (technical galleries, tunnels)
  • Fuel hydrant system
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Asphalt design mix
  • Land reclamation and sea barriers
  • Environmental studies (noise, carbon footprint, water management)
  • Jet blast simulation


Landside infrastructure

  • Access road design
  • Pavement design
  • Traffic signage
  • Geotechnical earthworks
  • Vehicle restraint barriers
  • Roadway lighting
  • Utility network coordination
  • Traffic studies and selection of junction systems
  • Pavement wear and rehabilitation studies
  • Storm water treatment
  • Urban planning