1. A leader in airport design

We ensure that the sky remains the safest place to be

In daily contact with the French Civil Aviation controllers at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, ADPI's air navigation division puts its expertise at the service of its clients, to ensure the highest safety standards at all times while also respecting best practices and international standards.

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Thanks to their operational expertise, ADPI's engineers are able to organize the air traffic control system and airspace as well as optimize traffic management at the airport.  Starting with the master plan, they define the best location for the control tower and determine its height then the number, functions and orientation of the control positions in the tower cab(s). They then proceed to divide the airport into areas of responsibility, with an allocation of control tasks to each position.

Thanks to their technical expertise, ADPI engineers provide controllers with all means necessary to ensure the efficiency and reliability of the air traffic control services at the airport: radio, radar, data display system, flight plans, navigation aids, etc.

Forming part of a global approach, the complementary nature of their skills and the relevance of the solutions that they recommend are one of ADPI's major competitive strengths.

ADPI's air navigation services cover all domains: CNS/ATM systems, ATS operational support and airport development:

  •     CNS/ATM services:
    • Control towers
    • Approach centers
    • En-route centers
    • Simulation centers
    • Radio and radar stations
  •     ATS operationnal support
    • CONOPS
    • Transition plans
  •     Airport development services include:
    • Safety Studies


Operational Expertise

  • Air traffic control organization
  • Airspace organization
  • Safety Studies
  • Air Navigation facilities programming


Technical Expertise

  • Navaids systems
  • Radio-communication systems
  • Radar and flight plan data management systems
  • Ground and air surveillance systems
  • Satellite navigation systems
  • Traffic flow management systems
  • Aeronautical information management systems
  • Airport Collaborative Decision-Making systems (A-CDM)


From taxiing to airspace, effective and robust solutions and a coordinated and optimized operational management of air traffic.

With ADPI, benefit from a solution that is tailor-made for your air navigation projects

  • A genuine understanding of the equipment market
  • A highly qualified team of air navigation engineers at the cutting-edge of technological progress and operational best practices
  • The guarantee of a solution that is integrated and interoperable
  • Custom advice and technical assistance
  • Competitive tenders that are independent and objective

> The experience gained from managing one of the highest-density airport systems in the world:
Paris-Charles de Gaulle: 4 runways, 4 control towers, 1 approach control center, 9 passenger terminals, 1390 movements/day, 7th largest airport in the world for passenger traffic;

> Abu Dhabi control tower, an example of an operational start-up with the assistance of ADPI