1. A leader in airport design

An operational vision that is unique in the world

Defined from the perspective of the operational experience of Aéroports de Paris, its needs, restrictions and requirements, the solutions put forward by ADPI respond to all the needs of an airport operator.

El Dorado International Airport - Bogota, Colombia


ADPI manages a broad range of airport and urban projects that raise complex issues in situations that impose increasingly tough demands in terms of security, respect for the environment and applicable standards.

ADPI’s tried and tested proposals take into consideration the specific conditions of each  site, as well as the time and budget constraints of each project. With a strong focus on the client and their expectations, ADPI's services are unusual in their specificity: a comprehensive approach that ensures their relevance and quality.

Bearing values of excellence “à la française”, ADPI assists its clients in transforming their ideas into practical successes. Its dual expertise in architecture and engineering of large and complex construction projects  provides a guarantee of competitiveness, appeal and longevity for its solutions as well as suitability to the issues of the future.

In 10 years, ADPI has completed nearly 500 projects in over 80 countries. Today, 100 ADPI projects are in progress at the same time throughout the world, bearing witness to the firm's capacity to adapt to the specific nature of each client and take on the challenges with which it is confronted on a daily basis.

In daily contact with the teams of Aéroports de Paris, ADPI benefits from an operational perspective of the airport industry that is unique in the world and which enriches its projects with considerations that provide real added value:

  • The solutions provided by ADPI take into account the flexibility of airport facilities and forecast their future development. All options of future development (aircraft types, airport technologies and systems, changes in traffic) remain feasible and easy to implement.
  • ADPI invests in research for continuous improvement in client satisfaction. This progressive approach represents real added value for clients by allowing them to benefit from solutions that do not exist elsewhere.
    • Furthermore, a certain number of ADPI projects are eligible for French Research Tax Credits:
      • Filtering wetlands at Paris-Orly (lien vers « les marais filtrants à Orly»)Airport
      • An innovative concept for streamlining the flow of passengers within the Schengen area in order to minimize transit times.
  • Whichever teams are involved (infrastructure, air navigation, building engineering, special airport systems, architecture, strategic planning...), the projects conducted by ADPI take into consideration the latest trends in airport innovation.


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