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N’Djili International Airport . New passenger terminal

RDC Kinshasa - Terminal

THE BACKGROUNDThe « Régie des Voies Aériennes », managing body of 52 airports in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is particularly in charge of all the aeronautical infrastructures, buildings and a certain amount of equipments required for the safety and the security of all the installations.

Public Authorities of Democratic Republic of Congo have set performance result to RVA, related to the modernization of 5 international airports among which the one of Kinshasa N’Djili.
In regards to this context, RVA solicited ADPI to lead architectural studies necessary for launching modernization program of N’Djili International Airport.

THE PROJECTThe terminal has been built in 1953 and has not been refurbished since. It suffers of:

  • an old-fashioned installation
  • old-fashioned architectural features
  • a lack of space to allow a correct traffic management in the years to come.
  • an internal organization that doesn’t provide high quality of services for the passengers and that doesn’t meet safety and security international standards.

The architectural idea was to optimize the current surfaces and to create a new identity for the terminal. Two architectural concepts have been developed:

  • The first idea was to accentuate “dynamism and personality” to keep the major part of the building and to get rid of the part that cannot accommodate traffic and find compromise between refurbishment and rebuilding.
  • The emblematic dome is refurbished with a contemporary look.
  • The 2nd concept also tries to find a fair balance between refurbishment and rebuilding. The current building structure is maintained, spaces are added on the landside welcoming check-in and arrival halls.


SERVICES PROVIDEDADPI has completed the technical studies and the design services for this project.