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Middle Euphrates International Airport. Water cycle strategy

IRAK Kerbala - Gestion Eau

THE BACKGROUNDThe definition of a water management plan for the airport was achieved within the scope of the development of the new Kerbala, Middle Euphrates International Airport, studied for 3 successive phases of 3, 6 and 12 million passengers.


THE PROJECTThe aim of the study was to define the most appropriate water strategy for the new airport, considering local resources, climatic conditions, water demands on site, pollution sources, waste water sources, and treatments facilities available. Various alternatives were studied considering technical and economic factors.

In coordination with local authorities and applicable national regulations, the aims are to reduce the water abstraction required from the Euphrates in order to run the project and to control the discharge into the river.

SERVICES PROVIDEDThe services undertaken within the scope of this project are as follows:

  • Context analysis.
  • Demand analysis.
  • Definition of several inflow (supply and distribution) strategies.
  • Definition of several outflow (collection and evacuation) strategies.
  • Financial estimates.