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King Abdulaziz Internation Airport. LEED certification


Sustainable design performances required by local authorities for Passenger Terminal Building were framed by American standard for green building, LEED (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design), Silver rated.

The very particular context of Jeddah, has encouraged us to define and apply solutions which specifically answer these constraints. Water and energy issues have clearly driven our design approach in order to provide most appropriate and efficient solutions to the operator and owners of the project:

  • A non potable water network, fed by the MSWTP (Municipality Sewage Water Treatment Plant), provide water for irrigation, toilet flushing and process water (chilled water production, cleaning).
  • A central garden located at the heart of the project, planted with local species, provide a very calm and relaxed atmosphere for all departure passenger and the Automated People Mover station, and a natural screen against solar exposure.
  • A vegetated roof cover all short term parking building and reduce heat island effect.
  • High performances façade design reduce heat gains during summer, and cooling loads.
  • A solar plant made of photovoltaic panels was designed for long term parking, with annual power delivery evaluated to 2.5% of passenger terminal annual consumption.

A specific team, composed of LEED Accredited Professional has coordinated all these systems and/or technical requirements with the design team and the client, as well as the certification process.