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ADPI's commitment to strict ethical principles

ADPI has made a firm, determined commitment to set up a corruption prevention policy. It is underpinned by a full set of procedures and rigorous in-house checks, in compliance with the best practices and international regulations.

Corruption prevention is a major concern for ADPI. It is above all a moral commitment, since ADPI embodies the values shared by the firm and its employees.
On top of ADPI's professionalism and involvement in dealing with its clients, its credibility and image is rooted in exemplary practices in business management.

ADPI is thus determined to conduct its projects in compliance with ethics, legislation and the regulations governing its business in France and abroad. An ethics charter set up in 2011 is a point of reference for all staff: It sets out the actions and individual behaviour to be observed by all when making decisions and in their relations with corporate stakeholders. It also defines ADPI's values and working principles.

Looking beyond this firm ethical commitment to compliance with its values, ADPI is determined to control risks and prejudice in legal, financial and image terms engendered by reprehensible practices it may unwittingly find itself facing up to.
To achieve this, ADPI has adopted and is effectively deploying rigorous corruption prevention policies, developing a set of additional in-house mechanisms and procedures: a partnership with Transparency International working for the past three years, a handbook of good practices to fight extortion and solicitation, in-house training for operatives, an analysis grid for corruption risks, auditing for monitoring purposes, CSR (especially assessing ADPI's economic and business practices on its markets), etc. All these additional in-house mechanisms aim to safeguard ADPI from involvement in anything running contrary to its wishes and principles.