1. A leader in airport design

An airport savoir faire with a 60-year history

Founded in June 2000, ADPI experienced a doubling in its business between 2006 and 2012. Its history bears the stamp of the unique legacy of Aéroports de Paris.


Relaxing area - Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Concourse 2E, France, Roissy.


Founded at the end of the Second World War by governement decree, Aéroports de Paris was entrusted with the task of designing, developing and operating the airport infrastructure of the Paris region.

During the 1950’s, confronted with the air traffic boom and the resulting infrastructure requirements, Aéroports de Paris decided to constitute its own teams of architects and engineers to develop its facilities.

The specific nature of its skills and expertise quickly enabled its design office to  handle development issues at other airports throughout the world and to offer its architecture and engineering services for international projects.

During the 1970’s and 1990’s, numerous projects were conducted in this way, such as Terminal 1 at     Abu Dhabi Airport, Terminal 1 at Shanghai Pudong Airport, Mohammed V Airport at Casablanca, Damascus Airport and Terminal 2  Santiago de Chile Airport.

Abu Dhabi Airport, Concourse 1. Shanghai International Airport, China, Concourse 1. Mohammed V Airport, Casablanca.
Damas Airport. Santiago Airport, Chile, Concourse 2.


In June 2000, the export business of the design office was such that Aéroports de Paris Ingénierie, ADPI, was created as a subsidiary dedicated to international airport design.

As part of the  Aéroports de Paris Group, ADPI has the ability to put forward operational solutions that are grounded in reality and tested within the Group: solutions which  assist the maintenance and functioning of airport facilities while ensuring their longevity. These effective and flexible solutions form part of an ongoing strategy of innovation and excellence.


In 10 years, ADPI has demostrated its expertise by completing numerous ambitious projects:

  • International airports: Jeddah, Dubai, Moscou, Bogota, etc.
  • Industrial buildings: assembly factories for the Airbus A380 at Toulouse and the Airbus A400M at Seville
  • Major cultural and sports complexes: Grand national Theater of China, Oriental Arts Center of Shanghai, Guangzhou Stadium Complex.


Jeddah International Airport Dubai international Airport Moscow International Airport
Bogota international Airport Airbus Toulouse - A380 final assembly line complex Seville, Spain - A400M final assembly line complex
Grand National Theater of China, Beijing Oriental Art Center, China, Shangai Sports stadium, China, Guangzhou