1. A leader in airport design

A world leader in airport design

ADP Ingénierie is a French company specialized in airport architecture and engineering and is a fully owned subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris Group.

Ranked second among international design firms in the airport sector by Engineering News Record, the leading trade journal for construction, ADP Ingénierie has a unique operational expertise acquired through its work developing the ADP Group's airports.

On the basis of a thorough knowledge of the airport field and the issues connected with managing massive traffic flows, ADP Ingénierie designs and manages the construction of complex airport buildings (passenger terminals, control towers, aircraft hangars, maintenance centers, etc.) and major urban projects (cultural and sports centers, diplomatic complexes, high-rise buildings, etc.). 

Aéroport International de Chongqing
Chongqing International Airport, China
Tripoli passenger terminal landside view Tripoli passenger terminal landside view Dégivrage avions Aircraft de-icing Pékin - plan masse axys axono Beijing - Master plan
MAURICE Plaisance - Terminal Mauritius Island - New Concourse Radar de surveillance Radar surveillance Radar Radar
Self check-in Self check-in Système de tri-bagages Baggage sorting Aéroport international El Dorado, Colombie, Bogota. El Dorado International Airport, Bogota


ADP Ingénierie teams, composed of architects, engineers and specialists in design and supervision, provide support to projects from the initial design phase right up to the start of operations with a realistic and creative approach ADP Ingénierie can serve its projects as consultant, project manager or in an advisory capacity.

Confronted with day-today issues, the Differences in culture, vision and sensitivity add further depth to the project and reinforce the added value of the proposals put forward.





ADP Ingénierie is directed by its CEO, Gratien Maire.

Gratien Maire


Members of the Executive Committee:

  • Gratien Maire - CEO
  • Thierry Delaune - Deputy CEO

Currently ADP Ingénierie is ranked among the leading international firms in world airport design thanks in particular to its achievements in the Middle East.

ADP Ingénierie intends to hold on to this rank opposite the global giants of the architecture and engineering sector.

Furthermore, ADP Ingénierie maintains close relations for the sharing of experience with Aéroports de Paris  and benefits from continuous feedback on the latest evolutions and standards in the airport operations sector.

As owner and operator of 36 airports around the world, Aéroports de Paris manages over 150 million passengers per year, which provides ADP Ingénierie with a precise understanding of how airports function.



Operational savoir-faire and an understanding of the critical issues are all important in designing airport projects for the following reasons:

  • Airport operations are very complex. The design must take this reality into consideration.
  • An understanding of the issues allows ADP Ingénierie to fulfill the expectations of all stakeholders as well as airline passengers…
  • Economic efficiency: ADP Ingénierie designs its projects to minimize operational and maintenance costs and optimize airport revenues.


ADP Ingénierie translates the operational experience of the Aéroports de Paris Group into airport design that is adapted to the needs of its clients:

  • Extension possibilities
  • Optimized construction phasing
  • Construction during operations
  • Improved passengers traffic
  • Passenger comfort
  • Optimized commercial revenues
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Crisis management



In daily contact with the specialized teams at the Innovation Center of Aéroports de Paris ADP Ingénierie teams benefit from continuous technology monitoring as well feedback from the deployment of each innovation.

Projects are thereby continuously enriched with the latest trends in airport innovation while ensuring a rigorous control of the repercussions on airport operations and profitability..


The major trends in airport innovation

1. Optimization of processes using new technologies

  • Automation
  • Real-time decision-making tools (A-CDM, agent tools…)
  • Facilitating controls


2. Facilitating passenger process

  • Self check-in, self-tag, self-bag drop, self boarding
  • Geolocation, orientation
  • Orientation devices (kiosks, touch screens, mobile applications)


3. Passenger experience

  • Living/showing the destination
  • Services, leisure



Everyone at ADP Ingénierie is concerned with Quality

Certified ISO 9001 since 2003, ADP Ingénierie offers every possible guarantee in the realization of a project.

At ADP Ingénierie, quality is part of a plan – always reaffirmed - of continuous improvement

Part of an overarching strategy to drive progress, this set of principles, methods and tools  enables ADP Ingénierie's teams to fulfill the needs expressed by the client.


  • 2015 revenues: 79 million euros
  • Staff: 400, present in 17 countries
  • ADP Ingénierie is top ranked in international airport design firms (Engineering News Record ranking)
  • Over 130 ongoing projects