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Bahrain International Airport. Inventory of the gas emissions from the aircraft

BAHREIN - Emission Gazeuse Aeronef

Within the scope of the expansion of Bahrain airport, and assessing the environmental impact of the new facility on local residents, an inventory of the gas emissions has been carried out. The inventory records the emissions generated by aircraft within the LTO and taxiing cycles. The latter was carried out for phases of 15, 20 and 30 million passengers.

The aim of the brief was to draw up a list of the gases emitted by aircraft during the LTO cycles undertaken within a perimeter that has an impact on local air pollution. Furthermore the inventory was also consolidated in order to measure air traffic impact on global warming and therefore greenhouse gas emissions.

The services undertaken within the scope of this project are as follows:

  • Definition of the gases on the inventory.
  • Characterisation of the emission sources.
  • Characterisation of the emission sequences.
  • Inventory of the emissions.
  • Recommendations for reducing these emissions.