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Airbus Toulouse. A380 final assembly line complex

FRANCE Toulouse - Assemblage A380

Airbus chose to construct the final assembly line for its new large A380 aircraft at the "Aéroconstellation" development zone in Toulouse. Like the aircraft to be produced, the factory complex is exceptionally large in order to permit the assembly of the A380's various components fabricated in the four corners of Europe. 

The master plan for the factory is derived directly from the manufacturing process: the buildings are composed in a north-south alignment that corresponds to the assembly operations, from the delivery of parts at the north to the roll-out of the finished aircraft at the south.  To the north, unloading areas and logistical facilities serve the principal building, called the "Arch" by virtue of its form in plan. The Arch contains an unloading hall, 2 assembly halls, 3 equipping and testing halls, and 3 construction and testing halls, each with a floor area of close to 10 000 m2. To the south of the Arch are located the aprons for exterior testing and for delivery of aircraft to airline companies. On each side of the central axis of the complex are located additional hangars, support services and ancillary buildings.

The organization of the Arch affords an economy in the utilization of space and in construction, functioning and flexibility of use over time.