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ADP Ingénierie: BIM Expert and Training Center

ADP Ingénierie can rightfully and proudly claim the label of BIM expert and training center. Pioneer in the incorporation of the BIM process in the airport specific trade of baggage handling system (BHS), with an approved training center, ADP Ingénierie has begun integrating the BIM to the tools used in all facets of management, operation and maintenance.

BIM at ADP Ingénierie: The Beginning in 2009

Ever since 2009, ADP Ingénierie was committed to using the BIM process for its BHS services. This resulted in the inflow of many contracts of development due to the rise in air traffic. The first challenge was to model the volumes of a system, taking into consideration the space and maintenance needed for such systems in order to optimize and control the risks of such a system in its 3D version. After the maintenance contracts, came the integration of intrinsic data. The goal was to exploit the already existing simulation with tools without having to do re-modeling. This was true for Saudi Arabia, China, South Korea, etc. The inflow of contracts was multiplying.

The Next Steps and the Introduction of the BIM to All Facets of the Company Starting 2013:

If the airports of Groupe ADP are important customers, easily added to this list are airports such as that of Belgium, Bahrain, and Greece... A training center was also created with 16 course units adapted to the various stakeholders of a project and internal or external clients of Groupe ADP.

Thanks to feedback received regarding the BHS, the other disciplines - Architecture, Structure and MEP - produce digital mock-up versions of their work since 2013. This work is backed by a company strategy and a BIM charter indexed and integrated into the project and the company's production process which is itself certified ISO 9001. In designs which integrate buildings and complex systems, the BIM approach naturally brings about an improvement for designers but also for the operator or the project manager client.

Today, ADP Ingénierie offers a comprehensive approach to the life cycle of the assembly infrastructure.

ADP Ingénierie was honored with the silver BIM award in 2016, has expanded its capacity to service, advice and study, as a result from its BIM approach. ADP Ingénierie, today, offers its customers a comprehensive approach to the airport life cycle, whether they are part of airports of Groupe ADP or airports of Chile.

And beyond 2017?

This year 2017, ADP Ingénierie is thinking to associate the BIM process to virtual reality. The BIM process enhances the constant search for continuous improvement. The BIM is an integral part of ADP Ingénierie's ADPI1WORLD development plan.